Services offered by our Technical Support team

  • Gmail technical support: we provide Gmail technical support to Gmail users. Any Gmail user having problems using its Gmail account gets their problem resolved by our expert team who take cares of all the issue over the phone. Gmail has a lot of users and problems are also many, some of the problems which we are going to discuss are more common now a days. Some of them are as follows

  • Gmail password recovery: Gmail password recovery is the most common problem faced by many Gmail users this problem arise due to many reasons like

  • User forget the password he putted while he created the account
  • Password remains remembered by the browser and history and cache got deleted.
  • User doesn’t have access to the registered phone number, or secondary email address provided while creating the account.
  • We provide support to all Gmail users in recovering their Gmail account password by all the possible ways and make sure that we help create a new password for them and also help them making them bit tech savvy about the process of how to recover the password incase same problem arises again in future.

    User can always call our toll free number to get free assistance for any such problems and without wasting any time they get complete help to the problem. We provide our support team toll free number to them so that if they face the problem again they call us and we have the records with us so we can understand the problem more accurately and this make it more comfortable for them to speak to the same technician who helped them before in resolving the issue, this way its more easier for them to build a relation with the representative without any language or communication problem.

    Some other common Gmail issue which we take care are like

  • Problem sending and receiving emails in Gmail account due to server error or it can be due to synchronization problem
  • Most of the user find problem sending and receiving attachment ,attachment could be in any format like PDF ,JPEG, etc
  • Gmail not loading on the web browser like Google chrome, Internet explorer, opera etc
  • Trying to forward email to multiple user at the same time
  • Sometime user find problems receiving emails from particular domains, like work, business, organization etc.
  • Some of the emails go missing while cleaning up the inbox emails get deleted. We help them recovering those lost or deleted emails.
  • Trying to load your Gmail on new device or trying to configure your Gmail on ms outlook.
  • Sometimes Gmail contact got deleted we help them recover all the contacts.
  • Problem with the Google calendar and many other services of Google.
  • Help in creating a new Gmail account, which is done by our representative over the phone.