Privacy Policy

As most important thing in our process is that we maintain the privacy of our customer information. Customer call and share his/her information on that belief that the information is not going to be misused and we respect that trust the customer put on us. Our company policy is to maintain that trust and we personally check the whole hierarchy is been followed in maintaining it.

Customer calls us and share lot of information from the support staff like his name, email address, password, phone number etc. These are some of the personal information which is been password protected so that no third person or only the authorized person get to see all the information of the customer .we erased all the personal information if its regarding password and private information. Information like name and the phone number and the query is been saved just for the reference purpose. That too is also password protected only the authorized person is able to see that details. Protect Customer information is our prime motto.

If any of the employees need information about the existing customer he has to go through a process like what is the concern? And our expert will also have a word with customer to make sure that everything is right, our technician work as a team they work with one goal to resolve the customer query and maintain the privacy of the customer information. Only authorized person has the information which he can share with the employee after complete verification.

Verification of the customer is done by the experts he check and make sure who is the right person asking about the details of the customer? And much other verification after that we confirm the information customer is asking is genuine and we are talking to the right person.

Our employee do not keep any record of the customer information it is saved in our secure server directly and we record all the recordings of all the incoming and the outgoing calls so that this is regularly monitored. And we keep a regular check on the recordings daily so we can have a quality check on our clients and the employees.