How to configure Gmail SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Settings in your Device.

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Gmail is one of the leading email service providers in the world and lot of users is using Gmail for personal and professional purposes. Gmail SMTP settings are required when we try to use Gmail account on any mail server like MS-Outlook,Thunderbird,Webmail etc. Gmail SMTP settings can be searched online and you can do it manually from different sources available on internet. Here we are going to tell you the simplest steps by which a user can add their Gmail account in any mail server.

  • Firstly login into your Gmail account and go to the “setting” by click on gear icon.
  • Now you will get list of options you need to click on the “Accounts”.
  • Check mail on other account and click on “add a POP3 account”.
  • Now you need to enter the domain email address and click “next step”.
  • After that you will get an option of “add account” and click on next
  • Now enter your SMTP Server, Username, and Email Password and after that, click on the Add Account.
  • After this Gmail send a verification code to the email address provided you need to check the email and verify the link and enter the code.
  • Now after that click on verify to complete the whole process.

Gmail SMTP setting for sending Mail

  • Open the configuration panel of the mail software.
  • Now fill all the field of SMTP server settings
  • Enter the SMTP server name and username.
  • After that all the information such as SMTP Port Number, password.

    You can get more help about this on the description and the link we are providing you can get all the setting and information .and if you still need any kind of help or assistance over the phone to understand it better you can always call us.

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