Learn how to logout my Gmail Account and why it is important?

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Different ways of logout from Gmail Account

Gmail carries lot of our private information in it, by login into our Gmail account we get access to lot of important things and other services which are part of Google e.g. Google calendar, Google photos, Google drive, documents etc. there are lot of information we save in our Google cloud, this can be accessed by the Gmail account login or Google login. We need to be very careful about our Gmail account login status; we must sign off the Gmail account if we are using it in a non trusted device. Hackers try to misuse all this information and try to hack into your private pictures your emails your bank statement emails etc. mostly now a day’s everything today is connected via email. So we have to be very careful about the information going into the wrong hands.

There are 2 ways by which we can logout of the Gmail account, one of the method will make us logout from all the Google services which we are using in that device ,and the other will make us logout only from that service which we logout.

How to logout of Gmail account in an Android Device.

  • Tap the menu button on the device.
  • Select the manage account option.
  • Now you can manage account settings of the Gmail account.
  • Select the option to Account off in order to disable your Gmail account. This will sign you off from you Gmail not other Google application or services.

Gmail Sign out from the web Browser remotely

  • Go into your Gmail inbox
  • On the upper right hand corner you can see your profile image, click on the image.
  • You will get list of all the Gmail accounts, if added you have to select the account which you want to log out.
  • Click on the sign out button
  • Now whenever you will try to go into Gmail it will ask for username and password, make sure if you want to check the option for remain sign in or not.

By login out you get out of your Gmail and all the application where you are login with the same account in the same browser. This will make your account safe from Hackers and also safe from other people who may get accidentally sign into it. If you need farther assistance you can always call our Gmail support team for more help

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