Phone Number for Gmail Password Recovery

Gmail is the most popular email service used by people around the world .Gmail has around one billion active users worldwide, and was the first app on Google play store to hit one billion downloads on android devices. It is estimated that 60% of US companies, and 90% of startups, were using Gmail.

Gmail is highly recommended and widely used due to its prominent features some of them are like Storage, Interface, Spam filter, Search, Offline app, Language Support, Money Transfer and payment options etc.

As discussed before the Gmail password is the most common problem which user face most of the time, this problem may arise due to many reasons like user has the password saved in browser and didn’t write down the password, password was set long time back and browser always remember the password, user want to use the password in different device where he has not use his Gmail account password before and he don’t remember it, user want to reset the Gmail password but he didn’t remember answer to the security question and many more. Mention above is all the problems which arise due to Gmail password lost. We came with the solution to all the problems of the user and we can resolve this problem for the Gmail user over the phone. Our Gmail expert Team will guide them to resolve the problem.

Technical Help in Gmail Password Reset

Most of the Gmail user doesn’t change their password very frequently, as it is not any compulsion to change the password frequently but due to much security reason Google recommends to change the password after certain amount of time, there is reason behind doing it. You might have seen many times while login into your Gmail account Gmail redirects you to the security information update page. Google does that to confirm that you are aware about the security details you provided in the account. if you want to update it you can update that time to time ,like changing the recovery phone number or email address, answer to the security question.

These days’ hackers are very much active on internet and they try to steal your Gmail account password by sending you spam or malware which get installed in your browser and it’s easy for them to retrieved saved password from the browser with the help of malware. If you need any help regarding password reset or password change you can always get in touch with our Gmail technical experts who can resolve all your problems over the phone.

How to change Gmail account password

Changing the Gmail password can be done very easily if you already remember the current password you can do it simply by the following steps

  1. Login in to your Gmail account.

  2. Go into my account page and select “sign-in & security” section, select Signing in to Google >Password.

  3. Type your current Gmail password and underneath the new password.

  4. Select change password.

Now whenever you will try to login to his Gmail account you have to use the new password and if you will use the old password Gmail will say this password is an old password. If you still have any doubts you can call on our Gmail helpline number.

  1. Go to the Gmail login page and enter your email address and click on next.
  2. Click on the option which says Forgot Password.
  3. It will ask “enter the last password you remember”. Type in the last password you remember.
  4. If you don’t remember the last password you can select the option “try a different question”. It will give you an option to send a code to the registered number or email address
  5. You will receive a 6 digit code over the phone and if you provide email address it will send a password reset link on your secondary email address.
  6. When you provide the code and click next Gmail will give you an option to enter your new password.

Changing the Gmail password becomes bit technical if you don’t remember the current password this is a different state where user have no idea about his current password. User can follow these steps to change the Gmail Password.