How to Contact Gmail Support

As Gmail is one of the most popular email service commonly used by people all over the world. Undoubtedly many new user or many non technical person find hard to work with many of the Gmail email issues. We have already discussed about the gmail issues in our website. If the customer face problem related to that they seek the Gmail support number. As we all know that Gmail is the free email service started by Google. It’s hard to reach a live person by dialing the number provided in there website. Google have provided may form and support forums in which we can get help regarding common Gmail problems.

1) General Support and Customer service
  • Phone: (650) 253-0000
  • Fax : (650) 253-0001
  • 2) Gmail Support Forum
  • Support Forum
  • Report a Bug
  • Report a Gmail User
  • Report a Compromised Gmail Account
  • 3)YouTube
  • Phone: (650) 253-0000
  • Ad Support: (855) 500-2756 (Requires AdWords account)
  • Report a Trademark Violation
  • Report a Privacy Violation
  • 4)Google+
  • Phone: (650) 253-0000
  • Send Feedback
  • Report Spam
  • Official Google+ Help Community
  • Unofficial Google+ Help Community
  • 5)Adwords
  • Phone:(866) 246-6453 (Requires AdWords account)
  • Chat and email
  • 6) GoogleAnalytics
  • Help Forum
  • Developer Help
  • Google Analytics Premium Help Form
  • 7) Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
  • Help Forum
  • Tool Help
  • 8) Google Drive
  • Help Forum
  • Help Resource
  • 9) G Suite (Google Apps) Phone:
  • (888) 593-1945 (Requires PIN)
  • Email:Admin accounts only
  • Resources
  • 10) Press & Media Inquiries
  • Phone:(650) 930-3555
  • 11) Maps
  • Report an Error
  • Report Wrong Directions
  • Send Feedback
  • 12) Nonprofit Help
  • Support Page
  • 13) Miscellaneous
  • Report Spam Websites
  • Remove Info from Search Results
  • Request a Speaker from Google
  • International Office Contacts
  • Some of the Major Gmail Technical Issues resolved by Gmail customer care

    Most of the common gmail problem is simple to resolve but some major problems which are not easy to fix without a technical support team are as follows

    1. Error in receiving emails from particular domains or another email service provider.
    2. Gmail not accessible on many devices and not loading properly.
    3. Recover deleted emails from the inbox and the Trash Folder.
    4. Spam emails flooding in your inbox.
    5. Not receiving emails from particular domains like business email or work email.
    6. Not having access to the registered phone number and secondary email address in the process of password reset.

    So if you see any of the problems stated above or more complicated problem than you can get assistance from us, And we make sure our technical team will come out with the best solution without wasting your more time and energy. We save time of the user and understand the problem very well as most of the problems are almost similar which we had fixed in the past.