Gmail Technical Support

Gmail is a free email service started by Google Company Google Inc. As we all know there are lot other web portal and they have its own features e.g. hotmail, gtalk etc. Gmail is been the first choice of all the email users due to its prominent features .Gmail email service is widely used all over the world, Gmail having its own millions of user using their services. If they find any problem with their Gmail they can always contact Gmail customer service for any kind of help. As we have our own third party Gmail customer support team who have great experience in Gmail trouble shooting. we have been in business for quite long and our technician who have resolved many cases regarding Gmail issue .As our Gmail support team work together to solve the customer query over the phone and help the users to become more tech savvy in a way that if the same problem arises again with them or with anyone in their family they can assist them better, by doing this user get comfortable using Gmail email services and much more confident using Google products and services. Now the question arises why us?

Our Gmail technical support team gives you effective solutions to all your Gmail problems some of the most common Gmail problems are like

  • Unable to sign in into your Gmail account: There could be many reason due to which you may not be able to sign in to your Gmail account like Gmail password not working, email address wrong, etc.
  • Unable to send receive messages: You are unable to send or receive messages in your Gmail account; there are various setting under Gmail settings due to which this problem may arise.
  • Configure Gmail on Outlook or new android device: In many cases users are not able to configure Gmail on their MS Outlook or any third party tool, Due to various setting required while configuring. Same problem arises when User tries to use the same Gmail on their new android phones.
  • Gmail account Hacked: Gmail account got hacked due to password theft or identity theft. It can also be hacked through security questions.
  • Gmail account deleted: We can help you recover all those emails in your Gmail account by Gmail email recovery process

    Some other Gmail Technical issues are like

  • Unwanted spam mails: you get lot of spam emails flooding into your Gmail inbox. This is sometime very frustrating when spam email gets mixed with your important emails. These spam emails can be promotional emails, advertisement emails, junk emails, subscribed social networks emails etc.
  • Gmail emails got deleted: while deleting some of the spam emails you may delete the important one too by mistake. This happen when users tries to clear up there inbox to keep only those emails which are important to them and while doing it they may delete some of the important mails. Or it could also happen accidentally while checking the functionality of Gmail.
  • Receiving emails on computer desktop but not on cell phone: Gmail user now a day’s mostly check its email in their cell phones, tablet, i-pad etc. They can see all the received emails in there inbox in their computer but not in their cell phone and other device. This problem can be due to many reasons like emails are not getting synced properly into their cell phone, or user may have changed the password of their Gmail account and haven’t updated that into his cell phone or other device.
  • Problem with the 2 step verification method: user may have a problem with the 2 –step verification process as we all know if user has enable 2 step verification on their Gmail account, that Gmail account can only be accessed over the authenticated device . Google send a verification code to your cell phone if you or anybody tries to use your Gmail account on any other device which is not authenticated by the user. This is the security feature provided by the Google to make your account protected from the hackers.

    Third party Gmail Technical Support

    We Being a Third party independent company providing support for Gmail users to solve their day to day technical problems. As we know that Gmail have become an important part of our life and we are all surrounded by technical gadgets. Using any android device give us the feature to configure our Gmail into the device where we can check or use Gmail services over the phone, tablet, etc. And to download the apps we require a Google play store which is an inbuilt app in every android device.

    This works with the help of a Google account. We can’t use the Google services or the apps without a Google account. All apps we download from the Google playstore are being downloaded by the help of Google account. So most of the problems which user faces while using any of the Google services in their device we make sure that our technical support team can resolve it over the phone and guide the Gmail customer to use it hassle free and free from all technical glitches.